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David Lawrence

Over 25 years ago David was refurbishing a property when he uncovered an old newspaper clipping describing the Titanic disaster.  This was the start of a life-long passion and interest.  Today David has a large personal collection of Titanic artefacts as well as an encyclopedic knowledge of the subject.  David lives in Romford Essex with wife Sue and two children      

2009_july_purfleet_091Please leave comments below or contact David directly on

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  1. Silverwolf says:

    Hi Dave,
    How you like the new site? Still work to be done – just checking you like the style and layout.
    Best Regards,

  2. Marie Longfellow says:

    I am from the Cottage Grove Historical Museum. I think that about 10 years ago you visited our museum because we have a coat from a Titanic survivor on display. I need to talk with you about your visit and the postcards that you left with us…………… I thank you so much for your return e-mail…………………. Marie

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